From June 26th to August 10th, Bodgan Dide, Ukrainian plastic artist, presents a selection of his most recent portraits, among other artistic pieces. Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Pessoa and many others are among those chosen for this colorful show.

For this exhibition, the artist, who has paintings all over the world – from Russia, China, Austria, Germany, passing through Italy, Portugal, Canada, and the USA – chose some well-known Portuguese faces and prepared a very special show.

The works, with an abstract graphic form, like a mosaic, composed of numerous figures and lines, create the illusion of a three-dimensional image on a flat surface, in a unique representation of the identity of each of the subjects, which can be appreciated for more than a month in the heart of Lisbon.

In addition to the portraits, being Bodgan Dide focused on intervention themes, pieces dedicated to such important themes as animal extinction and the preservation of the environment and nature, can also be seen. The exhibition can be seen according to the opening and closing times of the shopping center, ARTE XXIADO, is a space where art, expression, vision, and senses come together, in an unmissable meeting in Armazéns do Chiado, that is, par excellence, the Lisbon Meeting Point!