The Multi Portugal & Multi Spain culture is based on the Corporate Responsibility principles. Their main values are the constant concern with the ethical quality in the relations with the stakeholders, especially regarding to shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, community and environment.

Multi Portugal & Multi Spain, in the management of their assets, provides quality services in a continuous improvement strategy to meet the needs and requirements of its stakeholders, namely its customers, as well as in the compliance with legal requirements and others, international and locals, applicable to its activities, thereby contributing to sustainable development of the safe and healthy working conditions of its employees and partners, environmental protection and competitiveness. Therefore, Multi Portugal & Multi Spain, in a proactive vision of leadership, are committed to:

•Establish Corporate Responsibility values, initiative, innovation and quality;

•Evidence a mobilization culture for the continuous improvement of Quality, Environment and Safety oriented for the Excellence, for the Prevention of Pollution and for obtaining High Security levels, based on the development of a common understanding of the importance of prevention and effectiveness of measures to control and eliminate Safety and Health at Work dangers and risks;

•Promote the training and awareness of the parties in order to generate actions and practices for the use of cleaner technologies and the best available equipment. Promote a commitment of consultation and participation of employees;

•Define, control and operate its processes, as part of an Integrated Management System, consistent with a culture that matches the expectations of the stakeholders and the society in general, preventing the damages and minimizing the risks to the employees and partners as well  as reducing the impacts on the environment;

•Provide the necessary resources and unveil the company commitments regarding Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health and Social Accountability, transparently, to all levels of the company, to its suppliers and contractors, to the official entities, stakeholders and to the public in general.

•Evaluate and periodically review by top management, the performance of the Integrated Management System, in accordance with the established and approved procedures, in a perspective of continuous improvement and sustainability.


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