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Restaurants – 10h00 to 23h00

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1920 Barber Shop


Useful Numbers

Armazéns do Chiado:
213 210 600
National Emergency Number:
Fire Department:
213 906 060
213 427 379 / 218 860 323

213 903 033
707 210 220
218 155 061 / 218 119 000

Lisbon Tourism:
210 312 700
Municipal Council:
213 236 100
Hotel do Chiado ****:
213 256 100


The site of Armazéns do Chiado has a long and glorious history. With foundations dating from the 12th century, the building represents the culmination of various successive constructions.

Armazéns do Chiado opens its doors and aims to restore the glamour of previous eras by offering the public an high quality space with an intensive cultural life. With 54 stores, 6 retail floors comprising 2 major anchors and an elegant food court, Armazéns do Chiado has been managed by Multi Portugal since October 1999 to become nowadays as the big anchor for the Chiado and Baixa districts.

With Multi, Lisbon’s downtown was somehow enriched both culturally and commercially and the once glamorous and fashionable district was again proud to present itself as it use to be in the beginning of the nineteenth century: the place to be, to be seen and to enjoy.


How many stores has Armazéns do Chiado?
Armazéns do Chiado has 55 stores, including 15 restaurants.

Where are the WCs?
The Armazéns do Chiado have two sets of WCs located on the 4th Floor, next to the main door, and on the 6th Floor, in the foodcourt. In total, the Shopping Center offers two female toilets, two men’s toilets, a toilet for the handicapped and a changing room, equipped.

Where are the ATM terminals?
Armazéns do Chiado have five ATM terminals, spreader in Floors 4, 5 and 6.

Where can I complain and / or deliver the “Lost and Found” articles?
Integrated in the Customer Service, the “Lost and Found” must be claimed and / or delivered to the Information Desk, so that each item can be registered.

Where can I access the Internet Wi-Fi service?
Everywhere inside the Mall, you can access the internet at any time. Bring your PC and just connect to the FREE WIFI

Where can I buy the Shopping Lovers gift card?
At the Information Desk located next to the main entrance of the shopping center. To know the benefits of the MMM Gift Card, visit


Armazéns do Chiado is a shopping centre located on Lisbon’s downtown district. It opened its doors on October 1999 after a huge fire destroyed several historical shops on the Chiado area on 25th August 1988.

The rebuilding project directed by the famous Portuguese architect Siza Vieira has, to a great extent, restored the glamour of previous eras by offering the public a high quality space with an intensive cultural life.

Developer: Multi Corporation (former MDCI)
Owner: Commerz Grundbesitz Investmentgessellschaft MBH
Management: Multi Mall Management Portugal


Armazéns do Chiado shopping centre, has in place an environmental management system in order to control, monitor and reduce the environmental impacts of its normal course. The Environmental Management System of Armazéns do Chiado is certified under the standard NP EN ISO 14001.

ISO – International Organization for Standardization – is a standards organization that produces technical standards used worldwide. These standards apply to all types of business and contribute to the development, production and delivery of more efficient, safer and cleaner products.

Because we care about the environment, we prepared the Guide to the Good Environmental Practice that has as main objective to define the main rules and procedures that must be followed in carrying out our activities and daily routines. If this guide helps, whoever reads it, to establish greater environmental awareness,it will have accomplished it’s purpose.

A small gesture can do much for the environment. Because taking care of the environment is everyone’s job, Armazéns do Chiado offers, whoever it may interest, it’s Guide to Good Environmental Practices for viewing or printing. Download the Guide to Good Environmental Practices. In addition to the environmental certification, and following the sustainability policies developed by Multi Mall Management, you can also download the Sustainability Report MMM 10.


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